About Us


At Silverback Exploration, our leadership team has combined experience that spans nearly 200 years in the oil and gas business. From extensive technical knowledge and a profound understanding of operational efficiencies to land management skills and the cultivation of a broad network of industry relationships, we have experience in all major oil and gas disciplines.


Our entrepreneurial spirit, high energy level and disciplined strategy gives us the ability to outperform expectations. We are committed to employing sound and established technical and operational expertise to develop hydrocarbons from both conventional and unconventional reservoirs, while maintaining the highest level of professional standards.


Our leadership team has a proven track record of value creation at both private and publicly traded companies. With the support and expertise of top-notch technical and engineering professionals continually focused on maximizing value and reducing overhead and operational costs, Silverback looks for repeatable high returns with long life, multiple stacked pays, shallow decline curves and operational control.